21 Golf Club

21 Golf Club is an invitation-only private golf club in the South Carolina Sand Hills, located approximately 15 miles and just a few minutes from the cities of Aiken, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia.


The club will include two golf courses. One will be a dedicated match-play golf course created by King-Collins Golf Course Design. Known as the Hammer Course, it will demand boldness, creativity, and skillful execution, presenting a celebration of golf in its purest form. The second, inspired by Dr. Alister MacKenzie’s original plans, will at last give life to the famed “Lost MacKenzie” of El Boquerón in Argentina. In addition to these, the club will offer other carefully curated facilities and services designed to create a fun atmosphere for a close-knit community of individuals who share a mutual obsession for the game of golf, its traditions, camaraderie, and spirit of competition.

Why It’s Called 21

The number 21 carries a very special meaning for one of the club’s founders. It is the birthday of his father, who was his hero, and three of his daughters. Certainly, an important number in his life. In addition, the first course will ultimately have a configuration of 21 unique holes, creating dozens of routings and loops for a variety of playing experiences. 21 Golf Club is a natural, and we hope it is lucky for you.

The Hammer Course

The Hammer Course by King-Collins Golf Course Design is inspired by the world’s great match-play courses as well as the game of hammer. Each hole will be a match unto itself and filled with thrilling challenges and endless possibilities. As King-Collins has famously done at Sweetens Cove, the course will allow players to choose from several teeing areas to alter each hole’s routing on the fly. The unique design allows for dozens of configurations, routings and loops, and angles, yardage, or par can all be adjusted to whatever best suits the moment. Plans also call for an additional reversible three holes to be added to the design. These extra holes will serve to decide matches not settled during a traditional 18-hole round, creating a competitive environment unlike any other.

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El Boquerón/
MacKenzie Course

Following completion of the Hammer Course, 21 Golf Club will begin planning a second course, one that has been 100 years in the making. At the height of his powers, the legendary Alister MacKenzie designed a golf course named El Boquerón for a wealthy Argentine family. Despite being considered one of his most daring designs, with nine double greens averaging 30,000 square feet, the course was never built and the concepts assumed lost. Thankfully, they were not. Captivated by Dr. MacKenzie’s concept, our second course will at last give life to a modern interpretation of the famed “El Boquerón,” with its massive double-green complexes in the Sand Hills of South Carolina. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities to offer a very limited public access to the El Boquerón/MacKenzie Course, as well as using the course to introduce kids to the game through the First Tee and other organizations.


Note: The Mackenzie Course will be inspired by the original El Boquerón concepts which were planned to be built on an estancia in Argentina around the year 1930. Our version will be a modern interpretation of those concepts and in the Carolina Sand hills with no formal affiliation with the original location or design.

The Land

Located in the South Carolina sand hills, the rumpled landscape unfolds over prehistoric sand dunes with some reaching more than 150 feet high.

“Opportunities of this stature in the world of golf course architecture are precious few. The land upon which 21 Golf Club sits is a geologic anomaly in the Southeastern United States. The combination of the boldness of the terrain with its deep, deep sandy soils and the seemingly endless and uninterrupted views offer a rare tapestry for our team. We plan to deliver one of the most exceptional and distinctive experiences in American golf.”

– Rob Collins, Course Designer

“The topography and boldness of the land is unrivaled in the region. We are beyond excited to deliver bold, fun golf for Americans and others abroad to enjoy for many decades to come.”

– Tad King, Managing Director of Construction for King-Collins Golf Design

King-Collins Golf Course Design

King-Collins Golf Course Design believes golf is exponentially more entertaining when players, at least, have the option of playing along the ground. To them, the movement of the golf course and green undulations not only enhance the character of the golf course, but they express the architect’s overall strategic vision. On a psychological level, “It is an important thing in golf to make holes look much more difficult than they are,” said Dr. Alister MacKenzie, one of the primary sources of inspiration for the King-Collins crew. They’re also not afraid to bend, break, or destroy the rules to capture something truly special, while always remembering to provide “the greatest enjoyment to the greatest number,” as Dr. MacKenzie also concluded.

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The Club

21 Golf Club’s limited, invitation-only memberships will be offered to those who are obsessed with the game and share its vision and values. Members and their guests will enjoy playing privileges at both courses. In addition, the club will offer a series of cottages to accommodate members and guests traveling in to play.

The Practice, Performance & Par-3 Experience

The practice and training facilities at 21 Golf Club are a collaboration between Kings-Collins Golf Course Design and Blackcat Design. Relying on statistical data used to fine tune the best players in the world, the facilities provide a skill-acquisition experience capable of assisting all players with real-time feedback for each shot, based upon player’s individual improvement needs, including distance, dispersion, spin rate, attack angle and other key metrics. Blackcat has created similar experiences at renowned courses, such as their home course of Grove XXIII, Atlantic Golf Club, Silverleaf, CostaTerra, The Golf Park, the UNC Golf Team facility. In addition, the practice facility will incorporate a thrilling, lighted short course for casual fun and competition. All of this will be surrounded by the cottages, creating a fun place to hang with your friends while at the club.

The Cottages

Surrounding the practice facility and short course will be a collection of cottage sites and luxuriously appointed entertainment cottages for extended visits by members and guests. The sites and cottages may be purchased by members and will include carefully curated amenities and features to emphasize fun and camaraderie while embracing the simple, rustic charm and beauty of 21 Golf Club’s rural South Carolina setting.

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